Country Roads BBQ Clash

Non-Food Vendor

Vendor Fees: A vendor fee of $100.00 (for Fri. Sat., and Sun.) Larger Spaces may be available on a first come first serve basis and upcharged.

NSF Fees. There will be a $25.00 charge for returned checks from the vendor’s bank for non-payment.

Set-up/Operating Hours:  Vendor spaces will be available for set-up early Friday morning (by 11 AM) and vendors should open at 3 PM Friday till at least 8 PM. All vendors MUST be open by 11:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. All should remain open until at least 8 PM on Saturday and 5 PM on Sunday. Vendors are responsible for providing any and all equipment needed to operate their site, and Country Roads BBQ Clash assumes no responsibility for any property of the vendor.  

Vendor Space: Vendors must provide dimensions of their space requirements and fit in requested space. 

Relationship to Vendor: Vendors are independent contractors and not considered as an agent, employee, or representative of the Country Roads BBQ Clash, in any way.

Tear-down / Site Evacuation: Vending sites must be completely cleaned, and vendors must vacate the venue by 8 AM Monday, July 19.    

I have read and will adhere to all the above regulations. I also understand that failure to comply with any of these regulations may result in my eviction from the event with NO refund of any fees paid.

Once Submitted, our Vendor Coordinator, Dina Colada, will be in touch with you to set up payment of all fees due.

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